Election Day, 3: Participation

Despite these concerns about security, intermittent rain and chilly temperatures, the enthusiasm for the election did not feel dampened.  All the polling stations I visited had lines.  At each it seemed that there were at least as many voters as there were in 2009 and 2010. In a few cases, like the video below, the lines were much longer. (This line is also even longer than it looks since there is another parallel line on the other side that is hard to make out.  It’s hard to tell whether all of these voters will be able to cast their ballots before the polls officially close at 4 pm (extended by an hour by the IEC)).  Other observers called in reports to me reporting a similarly solid turn out elsewhere with particularly long lines early in the morning.  At several places on the road out of the city, we drove past vans hired by candidates to drive voters to polling stations, waving Afghan flags.

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