Election Day, 4: The Stations

Polling stations are in schools, clinics, mosques and other public buildings, though the majority of the ones that we visited were in schools.  They have two separate places for men and women to vote (sometimes the women are in an entirely different building).  While we saw lines at the women’s polling stations, we did not take any pictures there.

IMG_0967  IMG_0962

After the massive fraud and corruption from the last two elections, there was a clear effort made by the Election Commission to run things more rigidly.   Outside IDs were checked more carefully.  Observers were at every polling stations that we visited. And there was less overt campaigning outside of stations.  That being said, we also did catch one polling station head who appeared to be reclining on the far side of the yard and sprang up when we arrived, running over to where the polling was actually taking place.  Other people I spoke with complained about uneven enforcement of ID checks and stations running out of ballots.  We’re currently following up on a few other reports of how regulations were interpreted and enforced.

.IMG_0918 IMG_0920 - Copy



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