Reports on the vote:

Coburn, Looking Beyond 2014: Elections in Afghanistan’s Evolving Political Context, Chatham House

Antonio Giustozzi, The Taliban and the 2014 Afghan Elections, USIP

Ghizaal Haress, Adjudicating Election Complaints: Afghanistan and the Perils of Unconstitutionalism, AREU

Larson and Coburn, Why Vote in 2014? Afghan Views on Elections, Chatham House

Larson and Coburn, Why the Afghanistan’s Provincial Council Elections Matter, USIP

Larson and Coburn, Youth Mobilization and Political Constraints in Afghanistan: The Y Factor, USIP

Larson and Coburn, Justifying the Means: Afghan Perspectives of Electoral Processes, USIP

Carina Perelli and Scott Smith, Anticipating and Responding to Fraud in the 2014 Afghan Elections, Chatham House

Michael Semple, The Taliban’s View of the 2014 Election, USIP

Scott Smith, Last Chance: The International Community and the 2014 Afghan Elections, USIP


Analysis of 2009 and 2010:Derailing Democracy

Larson and Coburn, Derailing Democracy in Afghanistan: Elections in an Unstable Political Landscape, Columbia University Press

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