Final Results are Not In

Just a moment to reflect on the cost of drawn out election processes.  The IEC was supposed to announce the final results from the presidential elections two days ago (on July 22), but currently it is difficult to see politics stabilizing in the next few months.

This quote from a Washington Post piece is particularly worrying:

“Right now 41 teams made up of two IEC auditors — and supplemented by U.N. observers and representatives of each candidates — are auditing an average of six boxes per day, headquarters staff said. More than 23,000 boxes need to be inspected, and as of Monday, just 700 boxes had been completed, a representative from Abdullah’s campaign said.”

Other reports suggest that half the ballot boxes are now in Kabul being delivered there by NATO troops (further demonstrating the challenges that the Afghan government has had running these elections themselves – though to be clear, the problem is less with the officials on the IEC who are experienced and well trained, and has more to do with the politicians above them who have been manipulating the process).

More worrying about the longterm legacy of the vote is the fact that reports are coming out that the two campaigns have not “agreed” on when the vote count will be finalized (see TOLO article here).  We’ve touch on this before (see here and here), but why the campaigns should decide how and when this process is done and not the government is vexing and certainly not a good sign for the future of Afghan democracy.

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