Monitoring the Elections?

NYT this morning has a good piece on how recent attacks mean fewer monitors and how that will shape the credibility of the elections.

KABUL, Afghanistan — Usually, an Afghan election — a $100 million, Western-funded exercise — draws foreigners to Kabul like flies to honey, with incoming flights full of consultants, international monitors, diplomats and journalists.

Not this time. Now, it is the flights out that are full, and the incoming planes are half empty.  Read More

One thought on “Monitoring the Elections?

  1. first of all, i would like to let you know that i was sign an agreement between Baharudin exacutive chef fore Kundiz some district, i work with independent election commission request staff the transportation cost not receive up to know, i request to follow up for the mentioned issues

    best reqard
    Baharudin bahar

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