Continued Economic Decay (Updated)

While it’s very difficult to assess the economic costs of the stalled election process, here’s a growing list of the increasing number of anecdotes about the costs of the crisis:

Sept 17 update

Khaama reports on a Ministry of Finance official’s statements on the dwindling funds in the Afghan treasury: Afghanistan in urgent need of $537m as government is nearly broke

Here’s a Tolo piece on the drop in revenues from mining:  Afghan Energy Watchdog Reports Steep Drop in Extraction Revenues

Sept 16 update

A Fiscal Times piece on US funds in Afghanistan: With Eyes on ISIS, America’s $104B in Afghanistan Is Failing

Sept 14 update

A Washington Times article that links wasted American spending in Afghanistan with the issues of indecision in the current electoral process: U.S. on long-term track to waste billions of dollars in Afghanistan

Sept 10

Here’s an article by Reuters that ties the 12-13% drop in the telecom industry (one of the few really bright spots in the Afghan economy in the past years) to the declining troop levels and continued unsettled political situation.  See: Afghan telecom income falls as U.S. army, middle class leave

For our original thoughts on this see our post Economic Impact of Election Chaos

We’ll continue to update this list.

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