The Indecision: What they are saying

As negotiations start and stop and the Afghan economy continues to decay, there’s not much happening other than talk in the media.  So to keep everyone updated on what’s being said, here’s some choice excerpts:


Tolo photo of Karzai opening the new guesthouse

Ahsraf on the current state of negotiations: “We must come together and continue political talks. Afghanistan is the home of all of us; therefore, we need an inclusive national unity government…Our people have always been united. Our enemies should know that we are still united, despite all our political differences,” he asserted. “No one can divide this nation…We supported the 100 percent vote auditing to protect the genuine votes of the people. Therefore, the election commissions must announce the final results in the next few days and rid the nation of the uncertainty that lingers over the country.” (see Tolo)

More from Ghani: “We stood, stand and will stand firm on the formation of the national unity government from the beginning…but it shouldn’t be a two-headed government.” (from Reuters)

Abdullah’s spokesperson, Fazlur Rehman Orya responds: “The problem is the Ashraf Ghani team is trying to impose bogus votes on us. We will not accept them; only clean votes…I would point out one major difference; Ghani favours peace talks with the Taliban and Abdullah does not support any such move.” (see The Express Tribune)

Karzai on the candidates: “We want a new government and that can be brought to us by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Dr. Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai.” (see CNN)

Karzai on inaugurating the new presidential guesthouse:  “This beautiful building was constructed in accordance with the country’s constitution for the retired president; I was supposed to live here after my term.” (see Tolo)

Noor Mohaamad Noor spokesman for the IEC: “The audit work is completed.  Only some physical work is yet to be done and we are hoping to be able to announce it in the next few days.”  (see CNN)

Statement from United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon: “The Secretary-General emphasizes that this is a pivotal moment for Afghanistan, and that genuine partnership will be required in tackling Afghanistan’s many challenges. Both parties share a real responsibility to guide Afghanistan to a peaceful and more prosperous future. Given the scale of the challenges, this can only be done jointly.” (see CNN)

Sushma Swaraj, the Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs: “As you can see, India is here to stay, this is a critical decade of transformation for Afghanistan.  India will always be Afghanistan’s first strategic partner and we will always share the Afghan peoples’ vision of a strong, independent, united and prosperous Afghanistan.” (see Tolo)

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