Kerry Back in Kabul

With John Kerry in Kabul seemingly trying to push the recount ahead, it seems like a good day to review how long the process has taken thus far.  It’s been:

9 days since the presidential inauguration was originally scheduled for

57 days since the second round of voting and

129 days since the first round of voting

Pamela Constable’s article (see here) describes some of the real challenges of dealing with accusations of fraud at the local level by focusing on Logar Province.  In the province turnout almost tripled and votes for Ghani quadrupled (best quote from a local official: “In this station, an elder came and cast ballots for 50 people, and the officials let him do it. In this district, there were 2,150 votes cast in the first round and 19,000 in the second. How is that physically possible? There is only one answer, and that is fraud.”)

UPDATE: For an NPR blog piece with both photos and a description of the “snails pace” counting process, see here.

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