Will they or won’t they?: Preliminary Election Results

Now that it is July 3, run off results are officially late.  This has not been surprising to many as the candidates tussle and lob accusations of fraud at each other and at the Independent Electoral Commission.  Abdullah in particular has been clamoring for either a delay or actually a shut down of the entire process (for more see a recent article here), while Ghani, perhaps sensing momentum is on his side has pushed for more immediate results (see article here).  This clearly also reflects where the candidates see the current states of their campaigns: for the winner, a quick, clean process is best, while for the eventual loser, a drawn out, disputed process will leave them with more options for recourse during the set up of the new government.  The complaints from the Abdullah campaign clearly indicate that they have lost confidence in their previous status as front runners.  If looks mean anything, Ghani’s cool demeanor says much about his confidence as opposed to Abdullah’s recent fiery accusations.

ghani-02-july-2014The IEC for its part has promised that the results, originally scheduled for yesterday, will be out on Monday.  Those numbers, however, will apparently exclude approximately 2,000 polling stations, leaving plenty of room for negotiation and disputes.  If the numbers follow current projections, however, the Abdullah campaign should get a much better sense of just how much ground Ghani has made up since the first round.

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