Election Day report

Here’s an interesting Election Day report from Afghanistan Youth National and Social Organization which was monitoring in a couple of different provinces.

AYNSO Election Day statement (runoff)

Highlights include observations on:

o Lack of ballot papers:

This time, our findings show that only 3 or 4 polling stations faced lack of ballot papers but they received in one or two hours. This can be due to less participation of voters, compare to the first round.

o Ballot boxes and codes visibility:

In 4% of total 614 polling stations, the ballot boxes were not visible for the observers to monitor and track the codes of the boxes. Out of 4%, 2% were found in Herat, 1% each in Ghor and Badghis provinces.

o Observers’ permission and interruptions:

In general, AYNSO observers did not face with such cases to be prevented either by security forces or any other resources from observing election. Only in certain polling stations of Badghis province, they were not allowed to observe but in consultation with higher officials in the center of the province, the problem was solved and the observers normally monitored the election.

o Ink Quality:

The quality of ink generally polling was good but we received reports regarding the poor quality of ink that removable. However, in 70% of the total 614 polling stations, invisible ink and light was not used and did not exist; these polling stations were mostly in Herat and Farah provinces.

o Underage Voting:

Only in 2% of the total 107 polling stations in Badghis and Nimroz provinces, AYNSO observers evidenced under age voting. Despite the voters looked underage but they had voting cards and they were given a chance by IEC officials to cast their votes.

o Proxy Voting:

According to AYNSO observers’ findings, in number of the polling stations of Badghis province women used voting cards with no picture which were not known if those were their own cards or not. IEC officials also did not check for any other documents to prove it.

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