Notes from an Afghan Observer

Here’s a guest blog from Munir Salamzai, who has been following the elections from Jalalabad, Kabul and Kandahar on recent trips:
“After each election we have held so far, there has been uncertainty: crisis is now a part of Afghan democracy. Today, at work, people were full of talk about their fears that the current demonstrations against will become violent.
In first round, people were waiting to hear the result from IEC and the candidates  were  creating rumors in which they were always ahead.  Finally, at last, both team accepted the result from the first round very happily.  In this round of voting, however, one team [Abdullah’s] has completely rejected the IEC’s process despite the fact that no result has even been announced yet.  The government and commissioners are not in position to negotiate,because they have already been blamed for being partial, so their claims are being rejected by the candidates.
Who will solve the problem is the question.  It seems that the answer does not lie in our law and legal institution, which have already been corrupted.
This problem threatens to overwhelm the country and undermine Afghanistan for the next decade.  UNAMA’s intervention and international community compromise is required to solve our problem.
Every hour and everyday people hearing more and more about the threat of violence from the campaigns of the candidates. People are really concerned about what will happen in the near future. “

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