Report from a Polling Station

Spending today talking to a few voters and other Afghans who were out at the polls observing.  Here are some excerptions from Farid Bayart’s reflections on his visit to a series of different polling stations:Farid2

People were not expected such high participation in the second round of election but once again participation was very good.  Some of the people at the polling station were saying that there were fewer voters in the second round of election, but it seemed to me after speaking with the people from several different neighborhoods that around the same number participated.  The only big difference was that the process was so much easier this time around and I think that is the reason why there were not that many long lines around some of the stations….

It also seemed to me that ethnicity was more of a concern in this round than in other rounds and this was something that was discussed at many of the polls…

In the stations that I visited the process was transparent and simple.  Some people were completing the entire process in just one minute, while some others were taking more like five minutes…

Early in the morning people seemed concerned about security, but as the day went by and there was no big attacks, people began to have more faith in the security forces and increasingly headed out to the polling stations…

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