Articles to Read

In the past week there have been a flurry of recent articles on the run off.  Here are a couple of the best which are worth reading:

‘Afghan Rivals Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani Race to Presidential Runoff’Wall Street Journal piece that does a nice job giving an extensive background on each candidate and their campaign.

‘Why Afghanistan’s Political Fervor is Cooling for Historic Elections’ Vice News piece that may slightly overstate its case, but explores some of the reasons that Afghans are less excited about this round of voting than they were the previous one.

‘Afghanistan Presidential Election Mudslinging’ A Voice of America piece on the rising tensions and threatening rhetoric coming from both campaigns (though usually not from the candidates themselves).

‘Presidential election: Ethnic divide comes into play in Afghan runoff’ An Express Tribune that understates some of the complexity of how ethnicity is likely to matter in the upcoming election, but address the topic more directly than Western news sources have.

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