Let Afghan Voters Finish the Job

Here’s the link to a great to an op-ed by Shahmahmood Miakhel and Scott Smith about the importance of the second round of voting and not letting it be replaced by a deal that lacks transparency for Afghan voters.  While some in the international community may believe that the short term stabilizing factor that the deal might have would be worthwhile, we agree with Miakhel and Smith that for the long term stability of the country, due process should be followed and the interviews that we continue to do with Afghan voters (as opposed to some of the elite), continue to support this:

“Kabul has been full of rumors about an attempt to reach a “political deal” in order to avoid a second round of voting required by the constitution. Strangely, most of the commentary in the western press has treated such a deal as if it would be desirable. We believe it would be a huge mistake.

According to…” for more click here for the Foreign Policy piece.

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