A Run off likely, but when?

Head of the IEC Nuristani said yesterday that the counting and complaints process was behind schedule.   “The election law says that a run-off must be held two weeks after the final results’ announcement, but the Taliban launched a rocket attack, and as a result of the attack we lost some of our critical materials, therefore, we will not be able to hold a run-off after two weeks,” he explained (for more on the interview from Tolo, click here).  As many have long assumed it will be increasingly difficult for the run off  to be organized by May 28th.  Initially June 7th was floated by the IEC as a potential run off date, but now June 14th and 21st have been mentioned as well.  With Ramadan set to start sometime around June 29, holding the run off after these dates will be increasingly difficult and could make manipulation of the process more likely.  For now, however, the pressure will continue to build as the process falls behind.


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