Early Responses to Preliminary Results

As IEC preliminary results continue to suggest that no candidate is close enough to the 50% threshold to avoid a run off, politicians and voters are beginning to debate the likelihood and utility of the run.  At the same time, however, rumors continue to swirl about the potential of a deal between candidates that would avoid such a process.  The debate increasingly is over whether avoiding a run off will facilitate stability in such a way that it is worth undermining the legitimacy of the electoral process by skipping the run off.  Candidates like Abdullah continue to play multiple angles simultaneously hinting that they want to see the process through while alluding both to the corruption of the counting process and the ways in which a deal could facilitate transition (See for example “Run offs would be a waste of time: Abdullah“).

At the same time, however, there are positive signs about the process.  The ECC is publicly addressing complaints (though only 9 so far) in a way that is far more transparent than it was in past votes (for an outline see here).  Also, the IEC’s webpage (see here) has presidential votes by province which show some really interesting trends.  More on that later perhaps…

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