Dostum as VP?

As results continual to trickle in slowly and Ashraf Ghani continues to be one of the lead candidates, the focus will increasingly be on his former-commander running mate Rashid Dostum.  Dostum raises concerns not just because he has been called a war criminal by many (including his running mate, who called him a “known killer”), but also because the US relied so heavily on his support during the initial invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.  The resulting favoritism showed by the government has helped him maintain and expand his power.

Joshua Partlow has a good piece on this in the Washington Post:

KABUL — He was America’s ally, a stocky, gray-haired warlord who fought on horseback alongside U.S. Special Forces to overthrow the Taliban government in 2001. But within three years, Gen. Abdurrashid Dostum had so antagonized U.S. officials that they sent a B-1 bomber to buzz his house.  To read more see here.


One thought on “Dostum as VP?

  1. Very interesting. I guess, in light of alliances like that between Roosevelt and Stalin during WW II, we have to conclude that sometimes one’s choice of allies is, shall we say, limited.

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